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In search of his father, Shade discovers a mysterious human building...

...containing a vast forest. Home to thousands of bats, the indoor forest is as warm as a summer night and teeming with insects to eat. And through the glass roof the bats can finally see the sun, free from the tyranny of the deadly owls.

Is this paradise the fulfilment of Nocturna's Promise to return the bats to the light of day? Shade and his Brightwing friend Marina aren't so sure. Shade has seen Humans enter the forest and take away hundreds of sleeping bats for an unknown purpose. And where is Shade's father?

It isn't long before Shade and Marina are swept up on a perilous journey which takes them to the far southern jungle -- the homeland of Goth, now king of all the Vampyrum Spectrum: cannibal bats with three-foot wingspans. With the help of an abandoned owl prince, and General Cortez's rat army, Shade must use all his resourcefulness to find his father -- and stop Goth from harnessing the dark powers of Cama Zotz to create eternal night.

In this thrilling continuation of Shade's saga, Kenneth Oppel recaptures the adventure and poignancy of Silverwing, which Smithsonian Magazine called "a tour-de-force fantasy," and takes it to a new level of excitement.

Praise for Sunwing, sequel to Silverwing:

"I stayed up all night reading Sunwing. It was a joy to return to the adventures of the three young bats, Shade, Marina and Chinook. In this sequel to Silverwing, they face even steeper, larger hurdles in their battle against the threat of war and evil, dark forces. Hang on tight! The suspense is incredible." -- Janell Canon, creator of Stellaluna


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