The Nest

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The Sequel to Airborn...

At 20,000 feet drifts a legendary ghostship...

The Control Car of the giant airship is almost entirely encased in ice, the ship’s name barely visible on her tattered skin: Hyperion. Matt Cruse can’t believe his eyes. Can this really be the legendary lost craft, now a frozen mausoleum to a ghostly crew and a vast treasure? At 20,000 feet, aboard a decrepit training ship, Matt is almost unconscious from the high altitude, but of all the oxygen-starved crew, he alone remembers the Hyperion’s coordinates.

Back in Paris, it suddenly seems that everyone is after those coordinates. Kate de Vries, Matt’s rich, young lady friend, has her reasons. But what about the handsome captain, who’s going to pilot them back to the Hyperion? Or the mysterious gypsy girl, whose past is inextricably linked to Matt’s?

In an adventure that will test his courage, his skill, and his heart, Matt is about to take off on the ride of his life.


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