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Peg & The Yeti
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“Forget the Gear. Get a Yeti!”

Peg was born upon the bright blue sea. But she’s had enough of sloshing around at the bottom of the world. She wants to get to the top.

She sets off to climb the world’s tallest mountain, because she’s heard the view is quite something. She has no gear but her trusty fishing rod, but Peg likes to travel light, and she is determined to reach the summit of Mount Everest single-handed. Her quest, however, will be anything but easy: she will have to overcome freezing cold, wind storms, avalanches – and worst of all, the monster who rules over Everest: the Yeti!

"As a read-aloud story, the text works splendidly; as an inspiration for art projects, the pictures are a great resource; and as a delightful picture book, Peg and the Yeti is a fine addition to any children's collection." -- Quill & Quire (starred review)


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