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Live Forever Machine
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In 391 A.D. two men discovered the secret of immortality...

Since then, they have chased each other through the centuries, one devoting his life to preserving the past, the other to destroying it. Until 14-year-old Eric stumbles upon their secret. As the battle lines are drawn for the final confrontation, Eric becomes a pawn in the desperate battle for the past... and the future. A gripping adventure in which contemporary life comes face to face with immortality.

"A gripping and compelling fantasy…. In the hands of a less imaginative writer, this story could have been clumsy and predictable, but in Oppel's hands, it is subtle and complex without being difficult or obscure. With The Live-Forever Machine, Oppel has proved himself a writer of extraordinary vision and skill. He is definitely a writer to be watched."
- Sunday Express


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