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Don't Drink Bottled Water

Why pay for water that comes virtually free from your tap?. In countries like Canada and the US, tap water is totally safe. Often it's more carefully monitored for harmful substances, and therefore safer, than the water sold in bottles.

Bottled water companies suck their water out of land that belongs to all of us. They deplete natural sources and interfere with a region’s aquifers. Then they sell it back to us and at a colossal profit. What’s next, paying for bottled air?

Instead of buying bottled water, buy a re-usable stainless steel bottle, fill it up with tap water and take it with you in your knapsack or satchel. At restaurants, ask them for tap water instead of bottled.

You’ll also be helping reduce the production of plastic bottles, which are choking recycling facilities and landfill sites.

And you’ll be saving yourself money too!


Don't Drink Bottled Water!!

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