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Every Hidden Thing  
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Praise for Every Hidden Thing

"Fantastic... an exciting and nuanced portrait of an era when great discoveries were lit by the desert sun." -- New York Times

"This breakneck palaeontological a fascinating, fast-paced, rich and provocative novel. Neither palaeontology nor romance is slow or sedate in Every Hidden Thing. There is a great deal packed into this book beside the breathless contest at its heart. It might be a whirlwind romance, but there is no sense of a fairytale ending, and a strong but nuanced vein of feminism runs throughout. Rachel is a credible, determined, enforcedly self-focused character: a heroine in the mould of Frances Hardinge’s Faith, in the Costa-winning The Lie Tree. This is a warts-and-all novel, more Deadwood than Rawhide.... it brings the thrill of discovery, first love and a nail-biting chase vividly alive in this dinosaur adventure emphatically for older readers." -- The Guardian (UK)

"Oppel’s ability to make us care about every dusty find as much as the attraction between Sam and Rachel — who share the job of narrator — is quietly impressive. This is fantastic prehistoric beasts and where to find them, with a dollop of Indiana Jones and a spoonful of Romeo and Juliet. It gets a roar of approval from this camp." -- The Sunday Times (UK)

“Oppel is, above all, an excellent storyteller. The writing flows effortlessly, with dialogue that rings true and characters who are colourful and flamboyant but still somehow convincing…. This is a book that will appeal to both boys and girls. A thrilling adventure as well as a tender love story, Every Hidden Thing uses history and romance to stir the hearts of a new generation.
Highly Recommended.” – CM Magazine

A romantic page-turner....the historical matter of nineteenth century paleontology, of the violence enacted against the Sioux by white encroachment, and of a clever girl's yearning for education, give heft to an entertaining, thoughtful -- and sometimes downright funny -- yarn." -- Toronto Star

“Based on the 19th-century Bone Wars, Oppel’s (The Nest) story switches rapidly between the viewpoints of Samuel and Rachel, interspersed with the legend of the T. rex. While the politics of land ownership and the dynamics between native tribes and scientists is an absorbing and well-developed layer of the novel, the thrill of the hunt and the budding relationship between Rachel and Samuel take center stage.” Publishers Weekly

"Our national kidlit king takes on the unlikely combo of pubescent lust and dinosaur bones....Oppel's plot pulls readers along breathlessly and his style perfectly straddles readable and literary... Reign on, King Ken." -- The Globe and Mail

Every Hidden Thing works well on a number of levels. As a mock history, it offers readers a sense of a vanished world in a restrained, unobtrusive manner. As an exploration of obsession and its costs, it allows readers the vicarious thrill of discovery, and the agony of the search. And as a romance, it is a realistic and enthralling depiction of young, secretive love.
This is not a clichéd, simplistic love story. The relationship between Samuel and Rachel is rooted deeply in Oppel’s skilled and subtle development of their individual characters. Shifting easily between their points of view, the author builds the relationship honestly and, at times, surprisingly…. While the romantic storyline forms the emotional core of the book, the narrative is driven by themes of boundless scientific curiosity and competitiveness, which envelopes even the young lovers….This is a novel of discovery, both scientific and personal.” Quill & Quire

"Kenneth Oppel ventures into a new territory with his latest work, but does so with all the elegance and artistry that he has brought to each work in his oeuvre. His storytelling genius is on full display in this tale that combines the allure of its wild west setting with an intriguing scientific quest (for dinosaur bones!) and a unique and compelling love story. The native presence in the story is handled sensitively yet realistically and the characters are believable, nuanced and sympathetic. While this book has been described as ‘Romeo and Juliet meets Indiana Jones,’ it is that plus so much more.” – Canadian Children’s Book News

“In alternating first-person narratives, Rachel and Samuel tell the story of their growing romance against the backdrop of a fascinating period of scientific discovery and one of many grim moments in America’s history with American Indians…. Oppel’s descriptions of the digs and the brainy romance between his vivid, multifaceted protagonists are notable high points.”

"Oppel handily inserts teen drama into the real-life Bone Wars of the nineteenth century while exploring the conflicting ideologies of the First Nations people and the scientists.... Sam and Rachel are well-drawn characters, Rachel especially breaking with feminine stereotypes.... Fascinating for readers interested in the romance, the paleontology, or the frontier history." -- Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

“In the great era of dinosaur-hunting, two teenagers accompany their paleontologist fathers in a race to discover the biggest of them all: the rex. A spirit of adventure permeates this fast-paced novel by the award-winning Oppel…. Rich in period details and dialogue, the story shifts between Rachel's and Sam's alternating first-person voices. Rachel's narrative reveals that she's one of the few white characters with enough conscience to reflect on the savagery of the explorers' treatment of the local Pawnee and Lakota Sioux. Suspense, romance, and the excitement of discovery make this Western thoroughly enjoyable.”
Kirkus Reviews

"Rachel and Sam are compelling, realistic protaganists trying to chisel and hammer their way around a growing distaste for their respective fathers' behavior, family loyalty, societal expectations, sex and young love." -- Shelf Awareness


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